Benefits of Working on a Vertical Surface

There are many reasons to use a vertical surface like an easel or whiteboard when working with children. Your child will attain so much more by simply changing tabletop activities to vertical surface activities. In this post I share the many benefits your child will gain.

Pre-writing Program

Fun Strokes is a readiness program that teaches children pre-writing strokes through playful and engaging activities. Children use magnets and drawing exercises to learn how to make simple lines and shapes—all while having fun! It’s a unique and entertaining way to equip young children with the crucial fine motor skills to achieve handwriting success in kindergarten and beyond.

How to Improve Handwriting Legibility: Pressure Grading (how much force to apply)

On my blog, I strive to provide insight into the complex issue of handwriting difficulties, the varying factors that may contribute to its cause, and above all, the importance of providing intervention at the onset to prevent hard-to-break habits and further problems in school and in life. In this post, I will discuss the skill of pressure grading or knowing how much force to apply when writing, coloring, or drawing.  I will also provide tips, strategies, and resources to help kids who struggle with acquiring this skill.

How to Improve Handwriting Legibility: Letter Formation

Hello again! I hope you’ve enjoyed my Handwriting Series. If you’re joining me for this first time, welcome! In the series, I’ve covered why handwriting legibility is so important. I’ve broken down the components of handwriting legibility and provided tips regarding how to address issues with acquiring them. In this post, I will cover the most important component of handwriting legibility, letter formation. Letter formation is the ability to form letters of the alphabet correctly and following a standard (e.g. the method taught in school). Being able to form letters correctly, in a smooth, effortless manner is called handwriting fluency. Handwriting fluency is a vital part of academic success and plays a major role in literacy. Handwriting fluency begins with learning letter formation.

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