Fun Strokes Play Dough Mats (Limited Time Offer! While Supplies Last!)


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Limited Time Offer! While Supplies Last!

Play Dough mats teach pre-writing forms by having children squish, squeeze, and manipulate play dough to form pre-writing shapes. These adorable mats are a great way to build pre-writing skills as a stand-alone or in combination with the Fun Strokes book and magnet pack. The images mimic the Fun Strokes magnets, so it is a great way to offer consistent visual learning material when paired together. Many children need and respond well to consistency when learning new skills. When used along with the Fun Strokes book and magnets, the mats will provide additional support for those who struggle with learning how to draw pre-writing shapes or need reinforcement to master pre-writing skills.

Whether used as a stand-alone or with the Fun Strokes book and magnets, children will build fine motor strength, manual dexterity, pressure grading (how much force to apply), eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, visual perceptual skills (figure-ground, form constancy, visual closure, and spatial relations), and visual-motor integration skills. Play Dough Mats offer a multisensory experience providing kinesthetic, tactile, proprioceptive (pushing and pulling), and visual input.

Play Dough Mats are a set of (7) 8.5” x 11” mats that are laminated to allow for multiple uses. Two (1) ounce containers of Play-Doh are included with the purchase. They are ideal for use at home, in preschool classrooms, in therapy rooms, or to carry in the tote of an itinerant therapist for use between schools. The mats are great for helping little hands get ready for handwriting. Please note: the color of Play-Doh may vary from those shown in the item description.


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