I Can Use Scissors! The Ultimate Guide To Scissor Skill Development & Workbook (Color) (Digital Download)


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I Can Use Scissors! is designed for occupational therapy providers addressing scissor skill development with children. Whether you are completing formal evaluations, creating care plans, developing IEPs, or working with children to improve their scissor skills, this guide is for you. It boasts clear and concise graphics, making it easy to find information at a glance. This resource includes assessment tools, a goal bank, worksheets to support your intervention and data trackers. All of the materials in this guide correspond to the developmental progression of scissor skills, making the process straightforward and efficient. I Can Use Scissors! has everything you need to make planning your intervention seamless and easy.

Save loads of time using this resource!

What’s Included?

Clinical Observation Tools

The Scissor Skill Developmental Checklist is helpful when determining if a child’s skills are developmentally appropriate. The checklist allows you to easily determine age-based expectations at a glance. Use the checklist to document the date and where the child falls on the developmental timeline. Continue to use the checklist as you work with the child. Check the boxes and record the date as the child’s scissor skills progress.

Use the handy Scissor Skill Checklist: Skills Needed For Efficient Scissor Use to guide your clinical observation. This easy-to-use graphic outlines the underlying skills needed for efficient scissor use. Check the boxes as you observe the child complete a cutting task. The checklist allows you to quickly identify the skills that are intact while also clearly illustrating any skills the child may be deficient in. If any boxes remain unchecked once you’ve completed your clinical observation, you can swiftly determine what the child needs to work on. Continue to use the graphic as you work with the child. Check the boxes and record the date as the child’s scissor skills progress.

Goal Bank & Data Tracker

Data, data, data! You’ve got to have it these days, but it’s not always easy to get…until now!

Easily set measurable goals using the Scissor Skill Goal Bank. The goal bank contains a template of 11 goals that correspond to the Scissor Skill Developmental Checklist. Customize each goal using the modifiers provided to fill in the blanks. Continue to use the goal bank to set new goals as the child progresses. Data tracking is super easy when using worksheets that match the goals and developmental criteria. No more searching for appropriate activities or work samples to support your goals and data collection. The Data Tracker provides a template to record the child’s progress toward goals. There’s your data, just like that. Easy-peasy!

I Can Use Scissors! Workbook (Color)

The I Can Use Scissors! Workbook includes over 70 pages of worksheets that correspond to the Scissor Skill Developmental Checklist as well as the Scissor Skill Goal Bank (both included with your purchase). The worksheets start at the beginning with snipping skills and progress to cutting out complex shapes. The borders of the design are measured to accommodate the level of precision the child should be able to cut. For example, if the child is 3 years old, he or she should be able to remain within ½” borders. You don’t have to guess or eyeball it when using these worksheets.

Skills are addressed in developmental order:

  • Snipping
  • Lines
  • Simple Shapes
  • Curvy Lines
  • Complex Shapes-Dotted Lines
  • Complex Shapes-Solid Lines

The worksheets contain fun and engaging graphics to spark the child’s interest. The worksheets were created using a task analysis approach. They provide a graded support system with levels of visual prompts that can be faded as the child progresses. The prompts illustrate “helper hand” placement (for lefties and righties), when to rotate the paper, how to get from the edge of the paper to the design, and finally, where to cut on the line. The worksheets allow you to provide the “just right challenge,” which is important for meaningful engagement in the task.

I Can Use Scissors! covers all the bases; you simply will not need any other resource!

For more information and useful tips on how to help kids learn how to use scissors, check out my blog post:




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