The Frugal OT Series: Lil’ Pot of Gold

March Activity of the Month

The Frugal OT Series...March Dollar Tree Pick of the Month: Lil' Pot of Gold

Here is a really simple but super fun St. Patrick’s Day themed activity. Many skills are addressed while children enjoy searching for everyone’s St. Patty’s dream…a pot of gold!

Here’s How:

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The Frugal OT Dollar Tree Pick of the Month...Scavenger Hunt for Gold
The Frugal OT Series...Dollar Tree Pick of the Month: Kids Jumbo Tweezers

Skilled addressed in this activity:

  • bilateral coordination
  • hand strengthening
  • grasping skills
  • tripod grasp for handwriting readiness
  • eye-hand coordination

Visual perceptual skills addressed during scavenger hunt:

  • figure- ground
  • form constancy
  • spatial relations

During the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s not easy coming up with safe activities that are not shared or can be sanitized between uses. At less than 3 bucks per kit, this is a very economical way to supply each child with their own materials. Have peace of mind while enjoying this activity with your little ones. Leave a comment or pic of your experience. Share your spin on this activity, have any ideas? Leave a comment:)


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Published by Linda Craig Dennis

Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Author and Creator of Fun Strokes Pre-writing Program

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