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Unlock handwriting success with Fun Strokes – a groundbreaking pre-writing program crafted by a skilled pediatric occupational therapist. Tailored for all abilities, this innovative program nurtures fine motor skills with a range of learning aids, ensuring growth for every young learner.



Fun Strokes eBook Details:

110-page eBook (PDF digital download) File Size: 8.5 MB Language: English

Please Note: The ebook is a digital download PDF file only.  You will NOT receive a physical copy of this book in the mail. You will receive an email containing a link to download the Fun Strokes eBook.

Product Description:

Introducing the Fun Strokes Book: Your Comprehensive Guide to Pre-writing Excellence!

Unlock the treasure trove of knowledge within the Fun Strokes book – an unparalleled resource that unveils the full potential of the Fun Strokes Pre-writing Program. This remarkable guide delves deep into the world of fine motor development, empowering readers with a comprehensive understanding of typical developmental trajectories for children aged 2 to 6.

The journey begins as the book intricately illustrates and defines essential grasping and pre-writing skills tailored to match each child’s unique age. As you delve further, you’ll uncover a goldmine of insights into fine motor skill advancement, aiding you in pinpointing precisely where a child stands on the developmental timeline.

Crafted with great detail, the book navigates you through the intricate steps of the pre-writing program, leaving no room for confusion. Picture this: kids engagingly observe and emulate a skilled adult, utilizing the magnets on a vertical surface (easel, whiteboard, or even your kitchen refrigerator). This ingenious technique not only aligns with natural developmental progressions but also amplifies the learning adventure, all the while harnessing the benefits of vertical practice.

Enhancing the experience, the book provides meticulously crafted verbal prompts – guiding your young learners through correct stroke sequences with ease and efficacy. Establishing consistency is key, and these prompts, coupled with the magnetic magic, play a pivotal role in nurturing children’s growth.

Behold the magic of progress with the integrated paper and pencil workbook, meticulously designed to harmonize with developmental milestones. This pivotal workbook invites kids to embark on the next phase of growth – copying pre-writing strokes on a horizontal plane (like what they’ll typically encounter at school, working on desks and tables).

And that’s not all! Witness your understanding expand with the inclusion of pre-assessment and post-assessment tools. The pre-assessment sheds light on a child’s developmental position, highlighting areas of focus. On the flip side, the post-assessment measures progress and unveils whether the child has forged the cornerstone of handwriting excellence – pre-writing strokes.

But wait, there’s more! The book’s bonus segment unveils an array of supplementary prewriting activities. These add a dash of fun while promoting fine motor development, ensuring your young learners embark on a journey teeming with growth and accomplishment.

Embrace the future of pre-writing mastery with the Fun Strokes Book– your companion to ensuring children’s path to handwriting readiness and success. 🌟✏️ 🌈

Product Licensing:

Each purchase is a single license for a single teacher, therapist, or parent unless otherwise stated. If additional professionals wish to use the product, the buyer must purchase additional copies. The license does not permit the altering of the file in any way. The license does not permit the resell of any part of the digital file in any way.  For more information, please refer to the Content Licensing Agreement.


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