Fun Strokes eBook and Pre-Writing Magnets Bundle


Unlock handwriting success with Fun Strokes – a groundbreaking pre-writing program crafted by a skilled pediatric occupational therapist. Tailored for all abilities, this innovative program nurtures fine motor skills with a range of learning aids, ensuring growth for every young learner.


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Unleash the Joy of Pre-Writing Practice! 🎉✏️ 

Here’s a sneak peek into the magic:

Step One: Dive into the world of pre-writing strokes with the help of our vibrant magnets! Kids get to observe and imitate as they watch a grown-up create strokes on a vertical surface. This ingenious approach not only aligns with natural developmental milestones but also elevates the learning experience, all while reaping the rewards of practicing on a vertical plane.

Step Two: Take the next leap in development with our interactive workbook. Kids move from imitation to mastering pre-writing strokes on a horizontal plane – just like they would at a desk or table in school.

The Fun Strokes pre-writing program is tailor-made for visual learners. We’ve infused it with captivating and familiar images that resonate with children, making the basics of pre-writing strokes a joyful experience. The magnetic play on a vertical surface adds a dynamic twist, accommodating those who love movement. Plus, it’s a visual feast, perfect for those who need a little extra focus.

Fun Strokes isn’t just fun – it’s an invaluable tool for kids with autism, ADHD, executive function disorder, developmental delays, and more. And don’t worry, typically developing children can benefit too! Get ready to pave the way for writing success with Fun Strokes – where learning to write becomes a fantastic adventure! 🌟🌈

6 reviews for Fun Strokes eBook and Pre-Writing Magnets Bundle

  1. Linda Craig Dennis

    “Fun Strokes makes learning pre-writing strokes FUN! The innovative dry-erase magnets make it easy for students to draw on a vertical surface, facilitating an appropriate grasp pattern in a fun way. The images used in the program are familiar to students, motivating, and build the foundational skills for writing later in school. My students have had so much fun with the program they didn’t even realize that they were working! I can’t recommend Fun Strokes enough – check it out today!”

    Dr. Laura Anderson, OTD, OTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

  2. Linda Craig Dennis

    “Fun Strokes is hands down the best prewriting program EVER! It is SO much fun to use and the kids LOVE it! I have literally witnessed students who have such significant grasp pattern delays THRIVE when using Fun Strokes! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed!”

    Ashley L. Viola, MS, OTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

  3. Linda Craig Dennis

    “I would definitely recommend the Fun Strokes Prewriting Program. Fun Strokes has really enhanced the writing ability and fine motor development of my students. I was amazed as I saw their confidence level grow while they tackled each level. The magnets are bright and colorful, and my students love writing on the whiteboard. The guide is user-friendly and gives a great explanation of the development of writing milestones in young children. Amanda Baines, Pre-K Teacher”

    Amanda Baines, Pre-K Teacher

  4. Linda Craig Dennis

    “Fun Strokes is a preschool multi-sensory approach to laying the groundwork of skills that are necessary to develop mature visual motor perceptual integration skills as children progress through higher school grades. It is essential to take the time to build those necessary skills during preschool years to avoid that frequent complaint that teachers, therapists and parents always hear “I hate writing”. Writing is a wonderful communication venue that all children should love. Fun Strokes provides a simple program that any adult can easily use with children at home or in school to give them that first love of developing good writing habits with hands on magnetic manipulatives. Begin wonderful early exploration writing development with Fun Strokes”.

    Dr. Cynthia Normandia OTD, OTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

  5. Linda Craig Dennis

    “My 5-year-old son will be going to Kindergarten next year and was in need of some assistance with his overall handwriting skills (including drawing straight lines, shapes, letters, and numbers). When I saw the advertisement for Fun Strokes, I really wanted him to participate in hopes that his writing skills would improve. This program did just that and it helped with his self-confidence. His Pre-K teacher noticed a difference. I would definitely recommend this program for students who need that extra boost!”

    Karissa Flynn, Parent

  6. Linda Craig Dennis

    “The Fun Stokes program has worked wonders for my three-year-old grandson! After trying many different typical writing books, none of which seemed to be helping, I learned of the Fun Strokes book. This program emphasizes basic pre-writing skills, that my grandson was definitely missing, all in a very fun way. He actually enjoys Fun Strokes time! Fun Strokes is written in a way that makes it easy to teach. In just a short time my grandson has gone from just basically scribbling to being able to draw all of the age-appropriate strokes. He can even write several letters. We are so thankful we found this amazing program and can not recommend it enough!”

    Tammy Stone, Grandmother

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