Fun Strokes Pre-writing Magnets


Unlock handwriting success with Fun Strokes – a groundbreaking pre-writing program crafted by a skilled pediatric occupational therapist. Tailored for all abilities, this innovative program nurtures fine motor skills with a range of learning aids, ensuring growth for every young learner.

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Magnet Pack Details:

11 magnets with a dry-erase surface (each magnet corresponds to a prewriting stroke)


Made in the USA

High Quality

Durable, 35 Mil

Dry-erase surface can be used over and over

Eye-catching vibrant colors

Pre-writing strokes—lines, circles, and other simple shapes—form the foundation for letters, numbers, and illustrations. If taught to write without this critical foundation, children can develop bad habits, hard-to-read handwriting, and a distaste for writing—all of which can interfere with academic success. Pre-writing skills are the unsung hero to kindergarten success!

Fun Strokes is an innovative pre-writing program purposefully designed by a pediatric occupational therapist to address all facets of fine motor skills. The program was thoughtfully crafted to allow access to children of all abilities. It embodies learning aids and supports to meet the diverse needs of most learners. The magnets are used to teach children how to draw pre-writing strokes. They are designed for children to work on a vertical surface, such as an easel, whiteboard, or even your kitchen refrigerator.

Working on a vertical surface benefits the child in so many ways:

•Develops strength and stability in the joints and muscles in the arm

• Encourages correct wrist position, which facilitates hand stabilization and correct pencil grasp

• Builds hand-eye coordination

• Builds core strength by engaging the muscles that connect our upper and lower body, which supports a good upright posture

• Provides sensory input by allowing for movement and the ability to change position while standing or kneeling to work

• Develops spatial awareness as directional terms like up, down, and across are easier to understand when they are in relation to their own body

• Encourages visual attention because the child is working at eye level, which can be very helpful for children who struggle with looking at what they are doing

The magnets are simple and easy to use and can be implemented by therapists, teachers, and parents alike. Get children ready for the handwriting demands of kindergarten and beyond by using this fun and engaging prewriting program

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