Fun Strokes Pre-writing Kit: Poke Shapes (Digital Download)



Poke Shapes

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The Poke Shapes kit teaches pre-writing shapes by poking holes into paper images placed over cardboard. Each image represents a pre-writing stroke. Arrows define the sequence to teach kids top to bottom and left-to-right directionality. While using the Poke Shapes pre-writing kit, children will build fine motor strength and control, manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, pressure grading (how much force to apply), bilateral coordination, visual perceptual skills (figure-ground, form constancy, spatial relations), and visual-motor integration skills. The Poke Shapes kit is a great way to build pre-writing skills as a stand-alone or in combination with the Fun Strokes book and magnet pack. Poke Shapes is an 8-page digital download (PDF) that contains a set of 9 cards that can be printed and copied to allow for multiple uses. Place the cards inside a 4” x 6” photo storage box. Apply the label to the front of the box for easy viewing. Equip the box with a push pin, golf tee, or golf pencil, and a 4”x 6” piece of cardboard to place under each card, and this activity is prepped and ready to go!

*This is a digital download only. The photo box, cardboard, and golf tees are not included.

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