Fun Strokes Pre-writing Kit: Pom-Pom Shapes (Digital Download)



Pom-Pom Shapes

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Pom-Pom Shapes teaches pre-writing skills by having children use tongs to place pom-poms on a template to form pre-writing strokes. The task is graded (progresses in difficulty), allowing children to match the pom poms without and with color to form the shapes. The Pom-Pom Shapes kit is a great way to build pre-writing skills as a stand-alone or in combination with the Fun Strokes book and magnet pack. The Pom-Pom Shapes kit is an excellent way to provide additional support for those who struggle with learning how to draw pre-writing shapes or need reinforcement to master pre-writing skills. While using this kit, children will build fine motor strength and control, manual dexterity, pressure grading (how much force to apply), eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, visual perceptual skills (figure-ground, form constancy, spatial relations), and visual-motor integration skills (visual tracking). Arrows define the sequence to teach kids top to bottom and left to right directionality. Pom-Pom Shapes offer a multisensory experience providing kinesthetic, tactile, proprioceptive (applying resistance when using tongs), and visual input. The kit is great for helping little hands get ready for handwriting and much more! Pom-Pom Shapes is a 13-page digital download (PDF) that contains a set of 18 cards that can be printed and laminated to allow for multiple uses. Place the cards inside a 4”x 6” photo storage box (label to adhere to the front of the box is included). Equip the box with a pair of tongs and .5” pom-poms (be sure to match the colors in the images), and this activity is prepped and ready to go!

*This is a digital download only. The photo box, tongs, and pom-poms are not included.

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