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Ever wonder what products and activities are best for child development? There are so many options out there, and making a choice can be overwhelming. I created this content so that you no longer need to ponder what products to buy when trying to build children’s fine motor skills. Products are geared for therapists, teachers, and parents alike. Use them with kiddos during therapy sessions, lesson plans, and at home. I have used all the products featured on this page in my pediatric occupational therapy practice. But don’t just take my word for it. They have been kid-tested and approved! When kids are excited about an activity, they will learn! I will gradually add to this page, but here is my first pick to get the ball rolling!

Get A Grip Pegboard Set

USD 53.95

Disclosure:  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This pegboard is so versatile!  I always use this product in my school-based practice because it can target many different skills.  

Build skills in the following areas using this gem:

  • Visual Memory
  • Visual Tracking and Scanning
  • In-hand Manipulation 
  • Left to Right Progression (important for handwriting)
  • Grasp Patterns (tripod grip, lateral pinch, aka key grip)
  • Matching Skills
  • Near-Point Copying  (copying material placed close by the child, such as on the table surface)
  • Fine motor strength and so much more!  

Check out Get A Grip Pegboard in action! Here are a few posts from my Instagram page showing how multi-purposeful this tool can be in your practice, classroom, or home.  

Stay Tuned For More To Come!

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