A Quick and Easy Way to Improve Pencil Grasp

Please don’t trash  those little broken crayons!  

Many people are led to believe that preschoolers should use those big fat jumbo crayons that you see advertised.   Quite the contrary.  Short crayons, that are the standard width are your go to.  Why? These little gems, which are often discarded, offer so many benefits.  Let me explain how.

A tripod or quadripod grasp is expected by age 3-4.

When using such a short crayon it’s pretty hard to fit all 5 fingers around it.   So for those kiddos who have not transitioned from using a fisted grasp to a more skilled tripod or quadripod grasp, this is one of the best ways to correct that.  

Standard crayons are much easier to grasp than those big jumbo crayons.  When you think about it, little hands need little writing utensils because they offer better handle and control.

So keep a crayon box full of broken crayons and use them often!


Published by Linda Craig Dennis

Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Author and Creator of Fun Strokes Pre-writing Program

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