Introducing…”The Frugal OT” Series featuring my Dollar Tree Find of the Month

I love to have fun with the kids that I work with by introducing new activities that they will enjoy.  But I don’t like to break the bank in doing so.  I love to save money whenever I can.  Who doesn’t?  One of my favorite places to shop for therapy supplies is the Dollar Tree.  With a little imagination this store provides an endless supply of materials that can be used in your classroom, therapy room or home.  Welcome to the Frugal OT Series where I will showcase Dollar Tree finds and show you how to transform them into wonderful fine motor activities targeting various skills. 

January’s Activity of the Month:  Little Laundry Line

The Frugal OT Series Dollar Tree Pick of the Month:  Little Laundry Line

Dollar Tree Shopping List:

  • mini clothespins
  • felt
  • yarn

Additional materials needed:  scissors, markers, glue, cardboard box


Background paper of choice (I printed an image of the sky and taped it to the box as a back drop.)

Draw images of clothing freehand or use paper doll clothing templates (I googled paper doll clothing templates and printed them. I then traced the images onto the fabric and cut out.)

Download the supply list here:)

Watch video: Pretend Play “Little Laundry Line”

Little Laundry Line

Music Credit: Sunshine Day by Mixaund |
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Skills Addressed:  Shoulder strength, fine motor strength, grasping skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning

Grade Up (increase level of difficulty): 

Translation: Have child place several clothespins in their hand to work on palm to finger translation

Visual Sequential Memory: Have child try to remember the sequence of clothing placed on the line and duplicate it on the other side

Core Strength: work core muscles by having the child complete this activity while lying on tummy

Grade Down (decrease level of difficulty):  Take clothes off instead of on, place on lap versus table top

This activity would be great as a choice in your fine motor center, pretend play center or as a stand alone. This would also be very cute as an accessory to a doll house or play with dolls in general. You can substitute doll clothes in place of the felt clothing. I hope you and your little ones will enjoy this activity! Stay tuned for next month’s Dollar Tree pick!

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Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Author and Creator of Fun Strokes Pre-writing Program

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