The Frugal OT Series: Sock Bunnies

April’s Dollar Tree Activity of the Month: Sock Bunnies

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. This simple, no-sew craft is just so adorable. It makes for a great spring or Easter decoration, an Easter basket stuffer, or a wonderful gift for parents or grandparents. The sock bunny can also double as a fidget tool. Children can squeeze and squish the rice in the bunny to get the proprioceptive input they need to self-regulate. If you plan to use the sock bunny in this way, I suggest you use extra elastic bands to make it more sturdy. A great way to celebrate spring and/or Easter while working on fine motor skills. Perfect to do during therapy sessions, as a class, and/or at home. All the supplies can be gathered for pennies on the dollar at your local Dollar Tree.

Skills Addressed:

  • bilateral coordination
  • eye-hand coordination
  • proprioceptive awareness
  • fine motor strengthening
  • grasping skills (pincer and 3-jaw chuck or tripod)
  • spatial awareness
  • executive functioning skills (focus attention, remember multi-step directions, initiate and follow through with the task)

Dollar Tree Supplies Needed:

hair elastics


crew socks

Easter ribbon

Staples Needed:

measuring cup

glass or cup



Dollar Tree Supplies Needed
Staples Needed

How To Make Sock Bunnies:

It is always helpful to present the child with a model so that they can see what you expect them to do.

  • Place the sock in the glass.
  • Fold the opening of the sock over the rim of the glass.
  • Pour about 1 cup of rice into the measuring cup.
  • Pour the rice into the sock.
  • Secure the rice by placing an elastic band on the sock.
  • Create the bunny’s head by pushing some of the rice to the top creating two sections.
  • On the bunny’s back, pinch a small amount of rice to form a little tail and secure it with an elastic.
  • Cut the excess fabric from the top.
  • Create the ears by cutting the fabric down the middle.
  • Draw a cute little face.
  • Tie a bow around the bunnies neck. 


How To Make Sock Bunnies

How To Offer the “Just Right” Challenge:

Grade Down (Make it Easier)

For younger or less skilled children:

  • The adult places the elastic band on the sock bunny first. The child attempts to place an additional elastic band over top.
  • Pour the rice out of the bag and into a smaller container to make it easier for the child to manage when measuring.
  • Instead of making a bow with the ribbon, simply tie a knot.
  • Draw the face in pencil and have the child trace over it with a marker.
  • Glue googly eyes instead of drawing them.
Grade Up (Make it Harder):

For older or more skilled children:

  • Add more embellishments.
  • Draw more elaborate facial features.  

Sock Bunnies

Looking for more spring and/or Easter Fun?

“Easter Egg Match” Memory Game
“Easter Egg Match” Memory Game

An Easter-themed Classic!  Memory Game!  Kids love the challenge of trying to remember where the matching pair is.  This activity builds many visual-perceptual and visual-motor skills:

  • Visual discrimination
  • Position in Space
  • Visual Scanning
  • Visual Tracking
  • Visual Memory

Objective?  Fill your basket with as many matching pairs as you can. I added a few pom-pom pairs to mix it up a bit.  Collecting the pairs in Easter baskets just adds more holiday fun to the game.  Grab these cute little foam eggs at your local Dollar Tree.

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As always, have fun!


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