How to Improve Handwriting Legibility: Spacing

This post focuses on how to help kids learn how to space between and within words or improve visual processing skills (spatial relations).

Letter Reversals, Should You Be Concerned?

What are letter reversals?  Letter reversals simply means writing letters backward. Letter Reversals are actually quite common in all children.  They typically resolve by the age of 7.  By third grade reversals may still be present, but only occasionally.   In typical development, it takes time for children to gain a solid picture in their minds of what each letter looks like.  Then they must come up with and carry out the motor plan required to mimic the visual image in their brain.  Believe it or not, there is still more to developing the skill of handwriting, but that is not the focus of this post.  Here I will focus on the topic of reversals.  

How To Teach Grade-Schoolers Organizational Skills…Starting With the Disorganized Desk

Having a disorganized desk can make school hard to manage.  When the teacher asks his or her students to take out their science books and turn to page 57, the child who is lost in their desk trying to find the book often can not remember the page number once it is found. Many times this student will remain lost in the lesson because of their fraught start.  Tasks that should be simple become overwhelming and time- consuming often leading to stress and frustration.  Organization can be an elusive skill that many kids struggle to acquire.  The fact of the matter is there’s a lot that goes into being organized.  Organization is part of a set of skills called executive functions.  Keeping a desk organized requires more than just putting things away.  Managing school materials requires planning, prioritizing, decision making, sequencing, task initiation, and following through with those tasks to completion.  Some kids need extra help to set up and maintain an organized desk space at school.  This post will focus on how to provide grade-schoolers with the support they need to establish and sustain a functional workspace at school.